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Steel Braided Brake Lines?? GALFER?

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Thinking about getting some GALFER steel braided brake lines in red for the front and rear. I think there about 150??? anybody have them? likes or dislike? does anybody reccomend a different brand? just trying to get some info on them. :cheers pics would we great!
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i've heard a couple stories about them breaking, might wanna look into another brand
Anything you reccomend?
i'm not really that knowledgable about them. other popular brands are Spiegler, and goodridge
i run Galfer front and rear lines with no problems. compared to Spieglers i've seen, quality is about the same. paid like $120 from calsportbike.
i got galfer front and rear on my 06 r6 and my 08 1000rr
MX how do you like them?
I have had Goodridge on two bikes (05 GSXR600 and 08 R6S) and Galfer on the 06 GSXR600. Both brands work the same. All of the major brake line manufacturers do a good job on them.
I like my galfers, ive heard good things about spiegler also. Change your pads too!
Im running HEL.Dont know if these are well liked or not, but i certainly havent had any issues.
I normally use goodridge, but have opted for Hel this time around
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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