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steering damper on 08's ?

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hi i just got a 08 r6 and been reading in this forum about the need for a steering damper after reading july 08 sport rider super 600's shootout i read this "the kawasaki zx-r6 is the only bike without a steering damper " so does that mean the 08 r6 doesn't need a damper...or does it need a better one than the stock thanks for any info
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good suspension set up and proper riding techniques will take care of 99% of head shake issues. most want a damper to get that 1% insurance. i ride A group at the track and still don't have a damper (same with my buddy on his 08). i want one, but usually another track day takes priority over a part. the damper isn't going to make me faster. but it is good assurance.
The R6 does not have a damper. (I'm pretty sure the 08 doesn't anyway, but the earlier ones did not). I have a Hyperpro on mine. Best mod to the bike I've done thus far. Gave the bike a much more stable feel, while keeping it nimble-ness.

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I've done some crazy shiz on my bike and have never once felt that i needed a steering damper, i've never rode a bike that has one.
ok thanks for the info guys guess ill save my money
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