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Steering head bearings

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can anyone give me some info on them and if they are easy for me to replace. i laid my bike down at the track, i fixed the bars to be straight again, but my whole handlebar setup does a hard knock when i brake and go over a pothole or bump in the road, when i ride over with no brakes, everything is cool.

i just got the bike back from its normal tune up and the guy told me thats what i need to replace.

so any advice would be appreciated,


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someone hop on and answer this dood's Q....
i have been wondering the same thing myself (as steering re-pack is due at 16k maintenance) and have always wanted to know what is involved, how long it takes, etc. etc.

no one??
Its not hard at all but you will need a rear center stand. Take off your front plastics and get them out of the way. Jack up the front of your bike. Remove your front wheel. Loosen your top tripple tree and slid it off of the forks. There is another nutt under the top triple tree, take it off. Jack the bike till you can lower the bottom tripple tree clamp enough to free it from the bike. Replace the bearings and reinstall. There are some brake lines and stuff that will need to be moved out of the way but you will see what needs to be done when you get that far. Most shop manuels will show you diagrams and make it pretty easy. I would suggest buying one if you going to do much work on your bike yourself.
or the steering stem nut maybe just a little loose. i would try torqing it to spec first and taking a spin first before taking the bike apart
I would definately try and tighten the nut and see if that helps. But you dont have to ride it. While its on the jack with the front wheel off the ground you can grab the front wheel and shake it forward and backward a little...if its loose you will need a bearing. If you tighten it too much your stearing will get hard to turn and feel "lumpy" while on the jack.
wrds, yah already tried out the bolt when we were straightening the bars, its def the bearings b/c a dude at the shop when i went in for a tune told me so as well, therefore ima jump on that shit, i hate the hard knock and wobble when braking over bumps and potholes

i have the rear stand, am i to jack up the front on the header pipes?
yeah, thats what im using to replace my front end. i just used a car jack underneath the headers and using my back stand too so its not wobbly
now i just need to take it apart, pull out the casing and get some knew bearings all done before bike night tomorrow
are there upgradeable bearings?
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