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2019 R6 just did my first track day ever. Was on the original Bridgestone battlax 21S that the bike came with. It was a decent tire but under hard braking it got squirmy which I found other online reviews with the same complaint. I think I am at the limits of this tire for track use and considering swapping them out before I do another track day.

At the end of the day my instructor said I could benefit from a sticker tire. In comparison this tire seems to be on par with Dunlop’s Q3+ so don’t think that would be a good option either.

Was considering the michelin power sport evo for a good dual street/track tire. Or maybe the
Metzeler Racetec RR K3 Medium.

The Michelin will probably have better street life then the Metzeler but I don’t also want to spend money on a new set of tires to be just marginally better for the track and not last long due to street ridding.

Also the stock size is 180/55r17 for the rear and 120/70r17 front. Is there a better size I can look at for track use also or stick with this?
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