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I have an 07 r6 and my it was stolen last June right out of my parking lot, now here comes the kicker the cops recovered it over a year ago and now just got back handing it over cause they say somehow paper work got lost or something I don’t know, I am just happy to have it back.

Here is where I need the help
The ignition was all broken out so I ordered a new one and it should be here by the end of the week, but when I was checking fuses the main 50 amp fuse was blown and when I pulled it out they had ran a jumper between it. So I was wondering if that being done could my ecu be fried or something else.

Also since the bike sat for over a year what precautions should I take and what parts need to be replaced. I siphoned the gas out of it and I am going to replace the oil.

Just looking for some pointers and suggestion anything will be helpful

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