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Stolen Bikes

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If you had your bike stolen, where would you begin to look for it? In other words, what do bike thieves do with their stolen bikes? I am just wondering what some of you guys would do and where you would look, as my R6 was stolen last week.


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part them out and sell them.

Ebay is prolly the Heaven of stolen bikes. The chances of getting a bike back in one piece are extremely slim...
Sorry to hear..., my 01 F4i, and my bud's 03 R6 were stolen last summer..., we didn't have any luck. If it happened last week, I hate to say it, but unless it's some punks that don't know what they're doing, that bike is parted out and spread across the country by now..., or on a track so no registration is required.

It's sad..., but watching ebay religiously, looking for your parts from the same seller, especially in your area, is your best bet. We thought we had a lead..., a detective (Detroit) gave us a hand by getting an adress from a local seller..., nothing came of it.

One other thing..., police impounds, even though they're all supposed to be connected, are notorious for holding stock and not getting it to the proper owner. You have to call each one individually..., a nice enough detective or officer can get you a calling list. Anyway, to give you an idea, when we were calling around, every week, I found a half-dozen or so F4/F4i's, none of them mine..., they weren't amking efforts to find the owners, just sell them at private auctions. A fawking joke if you ask me....

Sorry so long, but I hope this gives you a couple ideas. Chances are slim though, hate to say..., I don't know a bike 100%, and I'm pretty sure I could tear one down, part it out in under a day..., PM me if ya want anymore direction....
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yup it happens here in hawaii also. most times it is parted out and sold. sometimes these guys are brave enough to take it to the track. its easy to spot, usually the stamped portion of the vin# is grinded off.
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