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Suggestions appreciated!!

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Hi all, pretty new to this forum.

I need some suggestions on street riding gloves. I tried on most of the Dainese gloves and didn't like the fit. I currently have Arai helmet, Dainese jacket/pants, Sidi boots.

Can I rock with A* gloves? Or should I keep it Dainese? Looking into the Smx-2 air carbon, they look awesome. Read they are pretty good in protection as well, any other suggestions on short gloves would be great.

Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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a* gloves are the shit when it comes to comfort and reliability. definately have never heard any complaints about them.
try all of the gloves that you are looking at before making a decision, they all fit differently.
it would be a better idea to get gloves that protect ur wrists as well. i guess this is a good time to show off my new gloves :D

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i have icons and they're great. but thats me. just get what feels the most comfortable
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