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super cheap fiat bodywork

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dont know if this is a repost but i know someone might be interested in it. i know i am i just dont have the cash for it. otherwise it would be on the way to houston

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no shit. look at his other items. he has the assen fiat body. for like 579 buy it now. fell in love with the graphics when i first saw them a long time ago. cool thing though is that you could sell your oem body work for the same amount and have one clean ass 6
not getting them at this time but i came across it in one of the pop up ads here. thought i would share. would love to have mine done like the assen 500 though
im sure its not fiat direct bodywork. it specifically says its painted and thats its not oem. all you have to do is get yoru tank painted to match.

Color : Aftermarket racing custom painted

Condition : Brand new aftermarket parts (non OEM) and the holes are pre-drilled
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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