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I would just like to share my coming back to track riding and bike building.

As the title indicates I am a Swede.
I used to race a lot in the 90s (yes... old guy..) but shelved it all in -98 since I had to of various reasons. Since then I just had a few enduro bikes which I really enjoyed.

4 years ago I decided to buy a new road bike. I have always been a fan of the SP1 and when I found one I bought it instantly. Unfortunately it was not a very good street bike so I sold it in favour for my first Yamaha, a R1 from 2006.
This bike I liked a lot but I liked the design of the 09 in flat black even more so I sold the 06 and bought a mint condition 09.

Then a year ago a friend tricked me to come with him on a track day. I did not want to take my R1 to the track so he borrowed me his 2004 R6 that he had turned into a naked street fighter.

I really had a blast and was hooked. My friend sold me his R6 and I transformed that into a proper race bike.
I did all the work my self, even the painting and decals.

After a long face weekend (Thursday to Sunday) I decided to give up street driving. It is simply to dangerous to be on a R1 in regular traffic. And I had also found out that the ergonomics and geometry of the 2004 R6 did not fit me at all. So I decided to sell My R1 and my R6 in favour for a newer R6.
And since I also needed parts for the build I decided to buy a 2006 R6 that I found for sale.

It was semi ready (from what he said) and had only done a few track days.
He had made a low-sider so there were some scratches on the left side of the fairings, engine covers and swing arm. He had a new swing arm which i got with the deal if I feel like changing.
This is how it looked when I got it home.... Yeah... I know... 46... That went off the same night.

I bought some stuff right from the start.
New levers, lever guards, tank cap, steering damper, Cordona Quick Shifter, wave rotors and spare wheels. (probably forgot what else I bought since there was a lot of stuff coming)

Since the spare wheels were so ugly I had to get them blasted and re-painted.

The Cordona Quick Shifter is a masterpiece. It is so good it is used by a lot of teams in Moto2. Super Easy to install and tune.

First session on the bike felt strange but I quickly found the bike a lot more easy to ride and my lap times dropped rapidly.

So after the season end I decided that I would strip the bike to properly re-build it.
He had bot stripped the light cables or turn signal cables. In fact even the kick stand was still there.
So I started the long and cumbersome work of opening the harness and removing junk.

I also decided to move the rectifier. Some people told me not to because of heat but I thought I'd give it a try. There is an air channel in the fairing that goes straight to where the rectifier now sits. So hopefully it will be safe.

I also made a radiator guard which I hope will work just as good as the bought stuff.

So this is what the bike looks like now.

I have a few bits and pieces left.
Fork rebuild
Shock tuning
Change spark plugs
New BMC Race Airfilter
Build a new exhaust based on a 2004 Akrapovic can and Dan-Moto de-cat pipes.
Re-Flash and tune the ECU (Thought about Flash Tune but are now looking at Woolrich)
New paint job and decals.
And..... Probably more :)

Reads the rulez
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Nice bike/build!

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OK :)
Time for a little update on my build.

I have been travelling quite a bit over the past time so not much have been done but here is what have been done.

Just before Christmas I went ahead and cut off the stock muffler and opened up the exhaust. The Cat's were really easy to remove since they are ceramic cat's so just a big spade drill took care of the job in a matter of minutes. I left the steel sleeves inside the pipes since they wont restrict anyhow.

As said before I was thinking about various ECU upgrades. The I got to talk to a fellow forum user and he pointed me in another direction.
So the harness and ECU were removed and Shipped to Canada to Maco Performance. The harness got modified to YEC spec and the ECU got the YEC software flashed into it.
Maco Performance was super supportive the whole time and...... He has also developed a 3 button switch that can be configured to do different things.
In my case I opted for 1 button to control the Pit-Limiter and one button to select the 2 different maps. YEC ECU can hold two different maps like in my case one dry and one wet map. The third button is just spare so far.
I also bought the Maco Performance billet Quick Action Throttle tube.

While I was waiting for the stuff to return from Canada I started to repair and reinforce the fairings a little bit.

Then the Box off fun arrived from Canada :)

Air Box installed and some heat reflective foil has been wrapped underneath it.

I also went for new grips as a test. I have really liked the Driven grips I had but wanted to try the Domino grips.

I also started to "pimp" my leathers a little bit.
This is what I think they will look like once ready.

First arm done. For now just glued but a tailor will sew them on as well.

Yesterday the work with the exhaust started.
I think I have mentioned before. Since we have crazy db limits in Sweden I had to come up with a different solution for the exhaust.
95db full throttle fly-by is our limit.....:bash
I hope what I have done will work.

Some minor modifications have also been done to the cockpit.
Keyless ignition and a Starlane Stealth X3 GPS Lap Timer have been installed.
With the new Race Spec Double Bubble screen the Lap Timer will fit just fine there.

More to come...

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Nice build.

Can you tell me where I can buy some of that black braided wire covering you are using on your larger wire runs? It looks nice and clean, and I would like to add it to my build.


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Looks like you're out there having fun on the track and with building the bike.. Good luck mate!

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