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Why is this broken?
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so just this past week I sold my R6 and bought an 06 R1 for what I sold my R6 for. Good deal over all.

Anyways I'm working on getting a feel for the R1's personality and wanted to find out what exactly makes my new R1 so much more 'serious' in cornering in the sense you have to be a lot more precise. What has changed in terms of suspension/frame/whatever that you can't throw it around like you can the R6 and instead have to pick a precise line and maintain much more careful throttle control (i know about the extra powerrrrrrr thank you very much)

Basically what I want to know is the technical details of what has changed and makes the R1 behaves the way it does vs the 05 R6

Second Q: my plans for parts/upgrades is suspension/brakes/tires and was thinking about some of the racetech valve kits for the fork and shock. How much of a difference to they make to the stock suspension? I plan on installing springs for my weight and don't quite have the money for ohlins type stuff or upgraded cartridges. Do the valving kits provide decent bang for the buck in terms of suspension?

I really can't wait to take this new bish to the track :hump
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