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For all the LEO's on the forum I have a question. This pertains to the law in Virginia and may be different in other states so you may not have an answer but any thoughts would be helpful.

The license plate mounting law here states that is must be clearly visable and goes on to specify that the entire plates writing and all decals/stamps must be clearly visable and legible.

My question is what is clearly visable? Just curious as to the interpretation of that law. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass. There is no mention of the angle of view or height of the view. If the law is that subjective then how is that fair (yeah, yeah the law isn't fair I can already hear the comments)? There will always be a position in which the tag is not visable and legible, even is it takes the officer to be standing in front of the bike to not see it. The law does not state in any manner where it must be read from.

Before you ask, I did not get a ticket for my tag, my friend did but I can read his tag standing behind the bike or sitting in a crown vic. (I work at a Ford dealer so we actually reinacted the traffic stop with a crown vic.).

Thanks in advance for all the serious non-flaming answers I get (if any).
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