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Termignoni Slip-On. Coming soon. Will post pics as well.

4 day weekend. I'll see you chumps later.
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dont you have a wolf ?
so you bought a tumor for your exhaust nice but wont that slow down the flow of the exhaust :mrgreen: cant wait for the pics
yeah, i got a wolf. may be exchanging for the termignoni. have more details when i get it.
and how the hell are you guys keeping track of what type of pipe I got? but then again, i know tha pen and loki have blue flames. what pipe you got 03r6
i didnt know you had a wolf but i have slept a few times lately :mrgreen:
i didn't think you'd be on the forum this late. either on the bike or on the forum.
I have an Indigo that I got from Hammy (btw wheres he been lately)and I love it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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