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Testicles... well, testing my Avatar that is...

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This is a test...

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But is it only a test. cause i dont like being tricked. and also did i fail the test. :mrgreen:
Cool, it works....

Loki, I have bad news... the doctor said that they're gonna have to come off man. I'm sorry... lol


P.S. May your testies, rest in piece...

Maybe he can hang them on the wall and call them walnuts. It will go good with his kidney stone collection!!
ya i can also put my old liver up there since i got a new one. the old looked like swiss cheese. :mrgreen:
What.............your guys' liver works? Mine quit workign along time ago, my body just adapted to it.
i thought by my last post it would mean that it didnt so i got a new one. maybe its just me but i thought thats what i wrote. :mrgreen:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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