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TrackTactics returns to Texas World Speedway for the weekend of July 20-21. I am pleased to announce special pricing for this event. Ride TWS for $100 for the day or $190 for the weekend. Yes, you read that right, $100 for the day or $190 for the weekend. We are capping this event at 45 riders per level. Once the spots sell out they are gone. We will not exceed the capped level under any circumstances.

The special pricing for this event is a one-time introductory get to know TrackTactics price. We want to make it an easier decision for you to attend this event. We are certain that once you attend one of our events you will become a loyal customer of TrackTactics. If you have ridden with TrackTactics before this is our way of saying thank you for your support and helping us get this point.

You have heard 3T and its customers talk about a different kind of track day. We do not think of it as a track day, we think of it as an event. We have worked hard over the past several events perfecting our format and we are ready to show it the masses.

This event will be led by Ty Howard, former AMA champion and the current number 1 plate holder in the CMRA. Ty is also the lap record holder for TWS and will be there to share his secrets and experiences at this track. Ty will be leading riding seminars for our Level 3 and level 2 group at this event.

Brandt Dillon, AMA Superbike Racer and CMRA fast guy will lead our Level 3 group of experienced instructors. Brandt and his staff will be available to all level 3 riders for instruction at no additional cost.

Olay Bayramoglu will lead level 2. Olay and his staff will work with you on the track as well as be available during the seminars and in the paddock. Olay and his staff have been instructing for years and is always eager to help fellow riders.

Brian Millsap will lead our Level 1/Beginner group for the weekend. Brian brings years of riding experience to TrackTactics. Brian and his staff will help ease any concerns new riders to the track may have. His staff will be there to help level 1 riders learn to transition to track riding.

All of our coaches are racers and are there to teach the customers how to ride the track. Our coaches have taken multiple classes from Ty and Brandt as well as many of the top advanced riding schools in the country. We are eager to share our knowledge with our customers. All levels will learn the proper race line, body position and its effect on the bike, braking/trail braking, throttle control, and passing techniques.

At lunch Ty will lead our track drive while Brandt demonstrates certain sections of TWS. Customers rave about how much they learn from listening to Ty explain how to ride a particular section of track then watch Brandt show you how he attacks it. Not only do customers see the line Brandt is taking, his body position, etc., they also hear where he is getting off the throttle to go to the brake and where he gets off the brake and returns to the throttle. This is an invaluable learning tool for riders of all levels.

Visit www.tracktactics.org to register.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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