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Sorry, this got long, but I wanted to tell the story of our night!!

Well, last night, went on a hour long twistie ride, then to dinner then to Bike Night in Dallas at Sonic...had a great ride, great night so far, and saw tons of bikes...300? maybe? It was great.

About 11:00pm we broke out, hit the gas station, and decided to go ride downtown throught the "Canyon" (for the Dallas folks you know this place) and then ride DT through the big buildings and such....

To get from where we were, we took hiway 30, and had about a 15 mile or so ride...there were 5 of us in the group, and about 20 or so total bikes spread out. I was the last bike, as my buddy has no turn signals, I took the rear. We were doing 80-90 most of the ride....I know, I know...but anyway :mrgreen:

This is where things went REALLY BAD but I didn't know it yet. We were tooling along, in and out of traffic, hauling ass, and i decided to get on it some...and went ahead of my buddy. The next thing I know, he is beside me, giving me the slow down sign and pointing at my bike! (noone likes to see that at 90+!!! I slow down, he punches it and gets in the front of the group, pointing to the side of the road, and takes the first exit...I still have no clue what the hell is going on, I keep looking down at the bike and just not seeing anything, it is running fine, no "dummie" lights are on...

We take the exit (and for the Dallas folks it was the FAIR PARK exit..which is THE HOOD!!! And it is a NASTY part of town to be stopped and sitting...bums, gangs, just all the things you try to not go to after dark) Anyway, they stop fast and into a parking lot...and they are all looking at me.....I stop, take of my helmet and they are pointing and talking about all this OIL....everywhere. And now that I am stopped I see this blue smoke. I look at the rear of the bike, it looks like someone dumped the back half in a tank of oil. The rear tire, glassy and oil soaked!

So, come to find out, my first service was 2 days ago, and the oil filler cap was not put back on tight. It was gone, came off at 80-90mph on the highway and out came all the oil. Like, over 2 qts worth. Now, the thought hits me...what if I had hit the exit we were supposed to take at 70mph, leaning hard?????????????? lots of oil, tires, and corners are NO GOOD!! I am ssooooo thankful I passed my buddy, that he saw it, and he got us off the road.

Now, tho, we are sitting in the hood, on a dark corner parking lot...cars all beat up with the rear window half down driving past...I said "we need to get the **** outta here" and I took off a boot, pulled off a sock, stuffed it in the filler (not too far so it wouldn't get caught in anything) and we bailed to a gas station. Another not so smart move considering the part of town, but it was the only one down there...There were bums and homeless all over us within 30 seconds, asking for money and smokes and all that. I grabbed towels and windshield water and started scrubbing the tire and the oil off the bike. Then one of the bums comes over and starts helping me. haha but the "presence" of more and more and slow driving cars through the lot, then driving off without getting anything had us nervous...but anyway, we had to get it cleaned off and I had to get oil in it and we had to leave! So I go buy a qt of oil, put it in, stuff the sock back in it, and i tell the homeless dude (he goes by the name of the "Deep Ellam Dancer"....he was damn entertaining) that if I had any cash, I would hook him up for his help, and a buddy of mine said he already hooked him up. So, for $6 this guy cleaned the HELL outta that bike! haha

I get home, and this morning call the dealership. Remember, it was in their show 2 days ago...they send out a truck and trailer it back to the shop, and in 2 hours call me back, saying that is it cleaned and detailed up, they are redoing the first service on it, and giving my next service to me free. They are trailering it back to me after work (which is after their working hours!!)

So, after this long story, I want to say THANK YOU to my R6 guardian Angel...this could have been a very bad outcome, and almost a given that the bike would go down...or the engine lock up, or something more than what I had.

EVERYONE that is reading this...PLEASE go out to your bike right now and make sure all your caps are on and tight!!!!! I know I will check mine all the time now.
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