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The newest revolution in shifting has arrived.

And it needs to be clarified – the company may be called “HM Quickshifter”, but this is no longer just about Quickshifting; this is about HM bringing a revolution to the masses.

The all new HM GP achieves virtual SEAMLESS SHIFTING.​

For those of you a bit new to the theory of seamless shifting, please search the internet and you can read about this unobtainable technology. A bit too long to delve into here in a forum post, but in short, it is the idea that your gearbox can change gears, at any rpm, under any load, from gear to gear with virtually no loss of acceleration.

Currently there are approximately (4) riders in the World who ride machines with seamless gearboxes, and we are guessing that anybody who is reading this is probably not one of them.

What does this have to do with HM and motorcycle shifters?

The HM shifters are the finest, smoothest, quickest shifters any mortal can purchase. But in the world of MotoGP, World Superbike and the other top classes of racing, 1/1000th of a second is a real amount of time; and <1 second at the end of a race can mean the difference between top step on the podium and 7th place! And 7th place is a long way down the point’s scale, so every millisecond counts, and these teams really do live and operate in a world of milliseconds.

So for the past 3+ years HM has been designing and creating the ultimate solution using our strain gauge technology wrapped in a revolutionary execution.

The HM GP Shifter with HM Seamless Shifting (HMSS)

In VERY short terms, using incredibly complex algorithms and some serious computing power, the GP shifter is capable of “knowing” when the next gear has engaged, and automatically adjusting kill time to the absolute shortest possible millisecond for each and every gear.

No matter what rpm you are at, no matter what load, no matter what speed.

You initiate the shift, and then the HMSS technology decides precisely when to re-ignite the motor, cutting the amount of kill time down to the absolute smallest time possible.

Every shift.

Every time.

Instant, precise and perfect shifting.

A virtual seamless gearbox for any rider who may not be lucky enough to be one of the “other 4” noted above!

There is a HUGE amount of technology involved in the GP, and we are happy to discuss all the in’s and out’s (that we are allowed to discuss!) as the conversation moves along. But some quick FAQ’s that might help…

Q- Who is the GP designed for?
A - Well, obviously extremely high end race teams where every millisecond counts and where the demands for downloadable data is critical for success.

Q - Can I use the GP on my motorcycle?
A - Yes. Almost every rider where an Annitori RL or HM PLUS works, now has the capability to shift with virtually the same precision and manner as the most elite machines currently raced.

Q – Is the GP “plug-n-play”?
A – No. Although as simple and easy to install as we could possibly make it, it does require wiring of sensors and such that you will need to do yourself.

Q - So why would I want to purchase the HM PLUS or Annitori RL Quickshifters if the GP is so good?
A – Because the HM PLUS and Annitori RL are “plug-n-play”. Because the GP is more expensive, requires more programming, and involves a larger amount of software and setup then either the PLUS or the Annitori RL.

Q – Will I notice a difference when riding between the GP and the HM PLUS / Annitori RL?
A – Yes, and no. Yes, the GP shifts better, everywhere. But we have to be honest and say that the HM PLUS or Annitori RL are both so GOOD that unless you are at the absolute top of the game, or can afford to simply have the best, 98% of riders will not notice any change in their lap times or shift smoothness.

Be honest with yourself: is your lap time really what it is because of your gearbox, or your riding skills and that cheeseburger you ate before the race?

Have you ever actually taken the same line thru a corner 3 times in a row, or braked so deep that you thought you were going to bend the motorcycle making the corner?

The GP is the new pinnacle of shifting for riders who absolutely demand every 1/1000th of a second to win.

But please understand that the HM GP is no longer in the world of “quickshifters”, because this is a whole new level of technology and execution that NOBODY in the world can compete with.

A virtual seamless gearbox for any rider who chooses to want one.

That is truly a revolution in performance motorcycles!

Let us know your questions, this is a very complex technology, and we will be happy to get your questions answered as we get the GP rolling!


A bit of clarification as we are getting a lot of questions on this...

The HM GP (HMSS) automatically detects the engagement of the next gear, and automatically ends the kill time and re-ignites the coils; which makes our GP the fastest, smoothest and safest shifter ever created.

We know this has everybody scratching their heads with "how can you do that"...? But we can assure you (but cannot tell you how!) that the GP can do this, and does know when to begin the re-ignition of the coils.

It is an incredible bit of engineering and technology, which is what you expect from HM!
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