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The new guy R6 (sort of) RE: New bike

Update: Picked up this beauty 3 days ago, put 200 miles on it so far, cant wait till i get through the breaking in period PS; any tips on breaking it in?. Anyways wanted input on any appearance mods for the bike, was thinking about smoked windscreen and aftermarket levers, order the rear brake light with integrated turn signals from motodynamic to take care of that ugly piece of plastic in the back. Here are a few pics

Hi all, new to the forums but somewhat new to the R6 family, atleast compared to others in the forum. Name is Sina (ce-na) from sunny San Diego, CA. Some history about myself, bought a 2007 candy red R6 with 3k miles for about $6500 in November last year, put 3k miles on it then got too comfortable one day, came into a corner to hot and low sided it :curse pretty mad with myself considering i wrecked my car a month before, nevertheless had a rough couple months, luckily walked away with some pretty bad road rash (was squiding with no jacket), anyways plan is to buy a 2014 blue/white r6 next month from dealership, i think im getting a good deal for 10.5k. Anyone care to see some pics just let me know ill upload some.

Shoei Gt- Air (matte black)
Alpinestars sp2 gloves
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