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Things to double-check before riding again?

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I'm just about done rebuilding my bike after i wrecked pretty good last month. I hope to be riding again this weekend (after I get the rest of my new parts bolted on).

Does anyone have any wise suggestions for things I should absolutely make sure are okay before I go out again?

The bike went down on its left side and slid into a curb, but runs and starts fine with no leaks. I replaced the subframe, headlight assembly, handlebar, foot peg & shifter, + various fairings.

The front rim has a very unnoticeable bend which I hope I won't feel at any speed, but will definately be replaced if I feel anything at all.
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Replace the rim ASAP. You can get them cheap on ebay. It may not seam like much now, but it will when it's spinning at 65 mph. Recheck and torque bolts. Take it easy the first few just incase something is still wrong. Recheck brakelines and it couldn't hurt to bleed them just incase.
Hey man I'm in the process of finishing up rebuilding mine from an accident last year.
As said above check all the bolts and make sure everything is tight and torqued properly. You def don't want something coming loose on ya.
As far as the rim goes I would take it off and take it to your dealer and have them put it on a balancer and see if it is actually bent or if it can just be re-balanced.
Also like said above take it really easy when you first get it back on the road so you can make sure everything is alright and that everything is working properly and that it rides smooth.
Is it possible that the alighnment was thrown off some? If so, does the stealership rape hard to have an alignment done on a motorcycle?

I'm guessing I will will be able to tell if the wheel alignment is off when I'm riding it?
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