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So I'm having a few issues when it comes to figuring out which throttle lock to get for my '04 r6. I've dealt with my right hand hurting for too long am finally sick of it so I've decided to finally get 'cruise control'. The two main throttle lock mechanisms I've looked at were the 'Vista Cruise' and 'Throttlemeister'. As most of you already know the vista cruise involves cutting your hand grip to mount and the Throttlemeister, from what I have read, is only for 06+.

I suppose the questions I have are...

1) Could I make the Throttlemeister work for my '04? from what I've seen, and from what I've taken apart on my bike, it seems like it could possibly work, but as the writing states "...06+" so I can understand how it's an inevitably redundant question.

2) What other 'cruise controls' are there out on the market? The vista cruise seems a little, well.. clunky/lame. I don't want to damage my bike to put a part on. (I realize cutting the hand grip isn't very 'damaging' but I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my bike. I'm weird I know'.

Thank you in advance for your responses. I appreciate it your time and opinions.
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