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Throttle Percentage

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I got my bike serviced the other day and was talking to the mechanic and asked about a TRE chip I was told they don't make one for my bike. Now I have a PCIII installed and it took out some of the lag in the throttle but after talking to him more he began to explain to me that between 1st - 3rd gear the 06 R6 only opens up at 70% throttle after 3rd you get the full response. There has got to be something to get rid of that if this is true. If anyone knows or this sounds familar to them thanks for the help. Like I said I'm not saying this its what i was explained to and I would hate to give up my R6 because of this problem.
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i already had plans on getting a Renthal sproket and going 1 tooth down in the front but i was just looking to see if there was a way to get rid of that 70% throttle. its only a computer thats restricting it so i figured there was a way to do it.
Kit Ecu. But its not ment for the street.
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