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Throttle problem with the R6

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There is a problem with the throttle, it will idle fine until you rev it, once you rev it the RPM will stay at about 8,000 even if you revv t higher it will just go back down to 8,000RPM and stay there, I brought it to yamaha to get checked out and they are having trouble finding out whats wrong. ANY IDEAS? :idea:
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Have you changed the grips on it??
try taking your bar end off and putting a little wd-40 on it, mine did that after having it tied down in the back of the truck, it squeezed the plastic tube under the grip, and pulled it against the bar end. i took the end off and put a little lube on it put it back on and bingo, it worked. try twisting the throttle after you get the bar end off and see if it sticks... that will tell you if that is the problem, your cable may be haning up too.. hope this helps...
wtf kinda thread revival is this?!?! almost 8 years holy shit!
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