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I own a Yamaha YZF-R6 2008.
This year i begin racing in the Yamaha - Czech Endurance Cup, and in the first race of the season i won the second place in my category supersport 600cc.
After this good results, i desided to do some tuning, and prepare my bike for the second race in Hungaroring on the 22.06.
For this reason i add on my bike, a BMC race air filter, a Tiforce full titanium exhaust system and a Power commander usb III with O2 controller.
To get a tuning and a dyno run, i contact today the distributor of Dynojet in Prague "D&K auto moto" and i ask from them for a date to visit them with my motorcycle for tuning with their Dynojet equipment.
Unfortunatelly the answer from them was, that now they are very bizzy and they only have time for their own customers, and there is no time for other's, that didnt bought a power commander from them.
At the Dynojet downloads area, of web page, there is not yet a map for the European Yamaha R6R 2008 with a Tiforce full exhaust system and O2 controller.
Can you please send me a map that i can use on my bike ( and can work with the exhaust i have ) untill i book a date with some other Tuning center ?
Can you please recommend to me, another Dynojet tuning Center near me, that i can visit and get my job done ?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards
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