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Track Day (UK) with Pics

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*this is a copy of the original post on the general discuss sec in case any UK boyz/girlz missed it and since we don't get many posts on here!!!*

My recent trackday at OULTON PARK, CHESHIRE, ENGLAND on 9th July, only got 2 dry sessions because of rain, ALL DAY!!!! didn't have wets so dint go out after, this is one crazy f""^ing track, its like a friggin roll a coaster, none stop and no long straights to rest, just left right up and down, F"£$KING AWESOME. anyway......

Me, in the garage pulling a crappy pose:sing

My baby up close with those lovely tyre warmers (ran on my BT002 Racing/Soft compound)

two R6's side by side, the yellow one is fully track spec'd up though!!

one from behind

yeah, i know i look good!!:nocontrol

My favourite pic
next sequence from above

all black looks cool, don't you think!!!

soft compound doing the business, this is only after two sessions!

oh.... and just so you know it is me....
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Top man. Nice Pics. Im doing Cadwell Park in a few weeks with Hopp rider training to get a bit of training under my belt, then will be definatly go to oulton park.
Great pics, r6 kru island bend is such a scary corner, 0 run off, but i love the track.
Post up if your doing any more days, I will be at cadwell in august.
Bt002's look like they did a good job for you.
I don't know if it is the angle, but you make the bike look tiny.
you definitely look big on that bike.

i love the look of a roasted tire
good stuff dude :mrgreen:
Thanks for the comments guys, and yeah i know i look big, i am 6'4 after all and weight 18 stones!!!!! (its all in the crotch though):fact:sing:confused:

john, im gona be doing one at Donington end of august and another one at oulton beginning of september (no dates confirmed yet), il see if the guys are up for cadwell cos no ones done that one yet, i think alot of us are actually scared of that track!!!!!!!!! but il keep you posted!!!

oh, and those bridgestone are race dot tyres, they were f^£^ing great, first time ive run on track tyres and i was running round the outside of the long bends at twice the speed to get around all the folks huddled together near the apexes slowing the shit down, i started in novice cos ive never been there before and was gona get my suspension set up and move up to inter, but as usually in this bloody country the heavens opened up for the rest of the day!!:werd

Nice pics mate, and i have to agree you're a big fella lol

Oh and i seeeeeee chicken strips! :sing:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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