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I ride bitches year round
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This may be a repost, but me being a nerd, I really like this...Picture says it all. Made of billet aluminum and programmable. Anyone ever heard of this or used one? It looks neat.

The led string on top is the shift light. It has two 12V inputs. One of which you hook to your brights so it can give u a bright light indicator on the LCD screen. Also has a lap timer...

You can have one for only $986 lol...

Here is the manufactures description:

The Micro Dash utilises the pinnacle of LCD technology culminating in the perfect contrast for daytime clarity and backlighting at night. The Dash is machined from billet aluminium for superior durability. The Dash offers user defined `cool blue' or `soft red' backlighting, gear position indication, comprises a 7 Mega-bright LED shiftlight array for optimum rpm gear shifts, a lap timer which is operated manually by the sealed tactile waterproof button which is supplied. There is a large sweeping bar graph type rpm indicator, speed reading, also temperature, battery voltage, neutral selection and high beam activation and 2 input channels which are ideal for indicators. You can select between KMH or MPH configurations and there is a user defined low fuel level warning indication. All Micro Dash systems feature a universal wiring harness and fitting kit which can be custom fitted to any application. The Micro Dash is weatherproof to IP66 specifications.

The Micro Dash requires attaching to your existing wiring loom. The universal wiring harness supplied have been designed to lay through the bike so the appropriate wires fall into their respective positions close to the connection areas. Typically there are 7 wires to connect if all the features are required, neutral, high beam, indicators left and right, oil pressure/level, +12v ignition on supply and RPM sensing.

The temperature sensor is supplied in the universal harness and is a copper ring terminal thermister type, very accurate.

This sensor is attached to one of the thermostat housing bolts on the back of the block on the opposite side to the exhaust headers. The software within the Micro Dash compensates for the temperature differential between the inside and the outside of the head surface, approximately 4-6 degrees.

The retro-fit speed sensor needs to be positioned so it is directed at between 2 and 6 ferrous metal targets rotating on the rear wheel, either the sprocket nuts or the brake disc rivets are ideal, (stainless steel or aluminium nuts/rivets are not suitable). A universal bracket is supplied with each Micro Dash kit.

General RPM with numeric indication

Speed indication - user defined MPH or KMH

Gear selection indication

Neutral position

Battery voltage

High beam indication

Ultra-bright 7 LED shiftlight array - full or half brightness

Temperature - user defined centigrade or fahrenheit

Distance - total distance

Trip distance

Low fuel indication - user defined

2 input channels - ideal for indicators left & right

Backlighting for night use - user defined red or blue

Clarex Anti-glare window

Billet aluminium construction

Manual lap-timer (100 laps memory)

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Interesting. But it only has 1 button? And I wonder how easy/hard it would be to tell if you're in neutral.

I ride bitches year round
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You would jump off of the neutral light. It is 12v and you would use the other input on the unit and program it if that input goes hot, you are in neutral.

I updated the post to reflect the price..

Almost a thousand bucks...
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