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Hey guys,
I've got a 2001 r6
I'm trying to adapt a different gear shifting mechanism to the gear shaft.
Because I'm building a trike or "trex" the shifter will be a bar that goes forward and back but I'm trying to use a cable shifter and not the foot long rod the stock motor had now that it's a whole new vehicle. Ultimately as lever goes forward cable goes forward by retracting into the cable shift tube.
My question is will this work on this type of engine gear shaft, the spline fits?

I'm concerned that since it will be a cable shifting the shaft that it won't have any resistance in springing back so I don't over shift or overly undershift. I don't know if I'm not understanding an aspect of the stock shifting function that's leading me to think this.
Also, in addition and similarly to that concern I'm wondering if there needs to be enough cable play ( distance the cable can move forward to back) from fully retracted to fully extended.
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