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Ok. So I'm on highway 680 going to college, and I see a Z06 coming from the offramp onto the freeway. Z06's are a dime a dozen here in San Jose, but for some reason, whenever I'm on my bike, I hardly see any "real" competition for my bike. So here I'm thinking "finally, something really fast to race". I slow down a bit, leave it in 3rd, and wait. Sure enough, the vette owner flies past me at about 70mph. I begin my pursuit. For some odd reason, he's not gaining, but I'm not catching up either. By the time we let off at about 145mph, none of us got any real advantage. So, I catch up to him, give him the thumbs up, he does the same, and we go our seperate ways. Fast forward an hour when I'm in class. I was wondering, then it hit me: the whole time I was racing the vette, I wasn't tucking. I'm no expert, but if I'm not tucking, that means the wind is just hitting my body, and theoretically, slowing me down, right? Could this be the reason why I didn't reel him in? By the way, the vette couldn't have been upgraded, it had dealer plates on it.

2 side notes:
1.) When I was going about 145 racing the vette, my handlebar began to shake VIGOROUSLY. That sorta scared the shit outta me. Why did this happen?

2.) On my way home, as I hit capitol expressway, I toyed with an '03 Cobra. All I saw was an exhaust. Sounded really mean. Heard the blower too. Nonetheless, I had him for lunch. A little compensation for not catching up with that vette.

Sorry for the long post guys. Just want some feedback.
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