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I'm new to the board and had a question. First Bike Info

2005 R6 Raven
14k Miles
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Next, I noticed my right turn signal did not seem to activate while I was riding all the sudden, took bike back to my apt and tested it. The left turn signal works fine. Then if I activate the Right one the cluster dims for a second and no turn signal comes on, not even the back one.
Then if I activate the left one again it takes a couple of times for it to work correctly again and it will continue to work correctly until I try the right one again and then it will give me some trouble. I took the right one completely out and tried without the front signal in and it does the same thing.
Then tried the right signal on the left side just to make sure the signal was working correctly and it did. Tried left side without a signal up front and the back still blinked, then tried right side signal again and it did same thing. Checked all fuses and all were fine. Just wondering where I should go from here and that I would appreciate any help.
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