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TURN SIGNAL QUestion--- 2001 yamaha R6

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For some reason none of my turn signals are working, I checked the blubs and they are all fine, I checked the fuse for the turn signal and its good. I was wondering if anyone has a wiring picture of the Turn signals. I am curious as to if all the turn signals are in series or if the left ones are in series and the right one are in a seperate chain. any help will be apprecitated. mine is a 2001 Yamaha R6, I have aftermarket blinkers on, thanks
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did you install the after market ones?

did they work before?

did they work before you installed aftermarket ones?
they were working after i installed the after market ones. but I dropped the bike once, and I had to replace a couple of bulbs( so i thought), but after that its not working, but I guess i have to check to see if the wiring came loose or something( i didn't think it would be, dropped it at like 5 mph), hence i wanted to know if anyone had any picture of the electrical connection
thats weird.......i'll have to think for a while......

and if i dont' post back that means i have no idea
Is there a blinker unit plugged into a socket on that bike somewhere, like in a car? It seems that a drop might jar something like that out enough to make the blinkers not work.
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