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Ok, it's been a choice i've found hard to make, and a choice i've thought about for almost a month. With regret, i am putting my totally loved R6 up for sale. My reasons are... I want to focus my riding to the track, and after buying a GSXR 750, i cannot afford to properly run two bikes and a car, and do trackdays and weekends out in wales. I am passionate about whatever i do, and to spend money on the R6 when i want to dedicate myself to the track more, well, it couldn't happen.

Ok, the bike...

Yamaha YZF R6 W reg 2000 model (for HPI checks, please ask and i will provide the Registration. It is of course HPI clear)

2 keys & 2 alarm fobs
21,000 miles
11 months MOT
11 month tax (call to talk... we could work something out)
Spyball AM/85-10UKT Patriot alarm & immobiliser (Thatcham Cat 1)

They're the basics. There is a very large spec to this bike however I have never modified the engine as it's pricey, complicated and can shorten the life of it. (plus, i don't think it needs it!)

  • Airblade Double bubble dark tint screen
  • Stainless steel Screen bolt kit
  • Carbone-lorraine brake pads
  • Goodridge braided hoses with new oil
  • Renthal soft grips
  • Oxford heated grip wraps
  • Renthal final drive kit (49T rear + 15T front) with Tsubaki gold X-ring chain.
  • Speedo healer with top speed recall
  • Carbon tank protector
  • R&G crash bobbins uppers & lowers
  • Swingarm crash bobbins/Paddock stand bobbins
  • Targa colour coded rear hugger
  • Targa colour coded undertray with integrated indicators
  • LED front indicators with indy spacers
  • Yamaha LED indicator relay
  • MHD foot pegs
  • Harris exhaust hanger and pillion footrests
  • MTC custom Titanium Exhaust.
  • Stomp grips
  • Single seat cowl & pillion seat
  • Well used Haynes manual
  • Original Exhaust
  • CRG Gold brake levers
  • Gold anodized oil cap
  • Blue anodized front brake resevoir cap
  • forks are rear subframe sprayed satin black (with photo's during the spraying process to prove there was no damage before)

Pretty much all parts that I’ve swapped, I still have originals; sprockets, indicators, rear light, original exhaust, screen, grips, pillion footrests, original footpegs etc etc.

I bought this with 11,000 miles, on 26th May 2007. Since then it’s had 6 oil changes with Castrol Semi synthetic, new brake pads front and rear, new brake fluids, new coolant, 3 sets of NGK spark plugs.

The thing that makes this bike unique, is it’s gearbox...

The 99-02 R6 had a common problem. The 2nd gear, under hard acceleration would begin to slip. This is due to there only being 3 dogs (teeth) on the face of the 2nd gear cog, which meshes with 6th gear. Over time, because they wear, this problem appears.

Mine began to do it after 19,200 miles. I knew about the problem from research and wanted to fix it. By chance, I found a brand new unused complete gearbox from ebay, which was an unused spare from the R6 cup racing series. I had this installed by Dan’s bikeshop in Skelmersdale. The engine had all new gaskets, new oil once again, coolant and spark plugs just 1800 miles ago. The buyer of the bike does not now need to worry about the gearbox problem one bit. With the brand new box, it's erradicated the only problem with this model R6. By all means, youc an also have the complete gearbox that was removed from the bike 99% of it is fine, but the complete new box worked out much cheaper than getting just the parts needed off rip off merchants Yamaha UK...

£2995ovno please ring 07796 267 301

This was the bike I passed my test to buy, the reason I got into motorbikes. My bike is a massively popular bike at any bike meet, a head turner, and a particularly nice example of an R6 both in looks and mechanically.

I have meticulously maintained this bike, mostly buying parts from choice for the enjoyment of the bike. It was never a mode of transport, just a hobby. With a car also, it means I have never needed to ride in the rain with this.

I have many many photographs of the bike out on rides, just cleaned, and during work has been carried out on it as I documented many changes I made to the bike.

more photo's on request

please ring 07796 267 301

Thanks, John
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