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Unkwown fuse need identification

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So i have recently purchased a 2000 r6. It did not run when purchased. Fixed grounds in main harness. Now it runs gauges wont turn on. It has a solo 20amp fuse next to main fuse box. Cannot even find it on supplement wiring diagram. It keeps blowing is that for turn signal and lighting. Would that be the possible issue with instruments not powering up. Blown fuse is removed and cover open on right side of pic.
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The main fuse is usually equal to or just below the combined value of all the fuses that run behind it. If that is the MAIN fuse, it's possible that whoever installed a replacement, installed the wrong one.

Someone with a 1st Generation bike (or/and manual) can provide more detail. Often times the fuses will be identified on the underside of the lid for the fuse box.
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