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!!UPDATE!! FInished Custom Pain PIX

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Here is the finished product guys... I JUST finished putting it back together. I didnt even get a chance to clean it. I wanted to get these pix taken before it got too dark. I know I have some Giant chicken strips...but its a new rear and it has only made it to work and back twice... so cut me a little slack.

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Holy Shit Dude That Is ****in Bad Ass!!!! Mad Props!!!
Yeah, looks really good man!
Very nice, that looks awesome. Did you paint it yourself?
No... I wish I could take credit for that... A good friend of mine hooked me up.
You just had to post something that looks that awesome didn't you! :toocool:
Now I want to spend more money...

very nice looking fo sure
Some of the pics dont work for me!!! :nocontrol
WOW! That is some amazing work! Looks good!
Very Nice. Hopefully you have an alarm or lojack on it.
where did you get the gas cap...ive been looking for an all black one for a while...
That looks amazing. :nocontrol
Wow man, great job. Tell that friend of yours he's most talented! I want to say I'm jealous, but that looks like a thief magnet :p
Great looking paint man. Looks sick. Now get those rearsets powdered black and it'll look flawless :poke:
that paint is way out cool as shit
Nice, how much for all of it? or was it a good deal that you wont find anywhere else :FU looks kick ass though, nice job
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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