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Here are some updated pics for a few changes I have done on my bike this past few weeks.

I was finally able to install the Mototeck flushmounts, but I rather found the adhesive that came with it rather weak. So I temporarily used a 3M double sided tape. I need to replace the temp 3M ones with thin & clear ones. The original adhesive became weak and just loosened up from the warm weather. I do like how they mount rather flushed but enough for cagers to see my blinkers. I also incorporated the running lights within the headlight unit as the picture shows below.

Next pics shows the tail fairing being black. I got this part mint/almost brand new from Ebay for rather cheap. It came off an 04 Red/Black R6. I had this in mind awhile back and thought would try and see how the black one comes out. Not too bad except it makes my bike a bit darker on the rear. I still have the BLUE undertail which makes the whole color scheme a bit odd. I might go back to the blue one later. You can also notice that I don't have rear blinkers since most of you know that I got the VFX integrated blinkers and the last pics shows the rear running lights.

And just a side shot, I also got the tire hugger, and heel guards in real carbons.

I am planning on putting the stock decals(white stripes) on the mids to give my bike some lighter sportier/race look. I talked to a guy from the dealership and mentioned if I can see if I would like to go that way. He will actually let me bring my bike and just overlay it to see if it would look alright.

I hope these pics help to any one thinking of getting the Blue Flame (which I know alot has interests), getting the rear signlas integrated to get the cleanest look, or just wondering about color mix n' matching with the plastics.

~Mike~ :cheers
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