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Vanson has built a solid reputation, and are widely known for the superior quality of their gear. They have garnered a lot of well deserved praise from the mainstream cycle media, and their products are prominently displayed in magazine photo shoots.

Since they have such positive name recognition, people really want to buy their products. Therefore, Vanson is able to charge a bit more for their products.

Are they THAT much better than some of the other companies? I personally don't think so. When I get a new custom suit, I will probably get a Z Custom. Right now I have a JR Speedmaster, and it barely has a scratch on it from my high speed get-off. I Paid $350 for the suit, and $150 to have it altered to fit me properly.

Of course, now that I have lost 30 lbs, the suit doesn't fit as well... so I am looking like I will be getting a full custom sooner rather than later.
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