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Alright, so I'm trying to get myself a tinted visor for my new Arai helmet. The helmet has the SAI pin lock visor. In shopping for a visor I have found that I can buy both tinted sheild and a tinted pin lock insert. I'm confused as to which combination I should go with. Should I get a tinted sheild and clear insert, clear sheild and tinted insert, or tinted both? Does that make sense? It's not as easy as getting a dark smoke sheild anymore...... For what it's worth, I want a dark smoke visor and am hoping to completely hide my eyes as well as get some sun protection. What do you guys think is best to accomplish that?


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I was on SportBikeTrackGear and I swear I saw both tinted shield and pinlock.... Ill go check real quick.

Make good choices.
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So here are tinted Shields

And here are the tinted pinlock inserts....

So Does one really work well or do I need a combo of the both to get almost black visor look? Im new to this whole two shields thing.....
Dude, look closer. Those are all clear shields with different color pinlock inserts.

Notice how in the pull down menu where to make the selection to add to your cart there are no choices. It's just clear. You choose your tint when you buy the insert.
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