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When was the last time Daytona wasn't on broadcast TV? Maybe the late 80's? We are getting more coverage of the British Superbike racing via Velocity! That is just crazy.

I am glad they are, at least streaming the races this year, but the feed is so low res, and it is almost like they are shooting with a couple of GoPro's set around the track. And the schedule only shows what's coming up in the next 12 hrs, or so. At least, the 1st SBK race was good racing.

Tomorrow, Sat. 3/15:

Supersport Race 2 @ 10am EST
SBK race 2 @ 11am EST
Daytona 200 @ 12:20pm

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on turn ? what view are you looking at.. they are going to various camera views just like the tv coverage was done. when you go to www.FansChoice.TV there are 3 camera views to choose from. Just stay on camera 1.. camera to is looking toward the tri-oval from t1, camera 3 is the press room.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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