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Does anyone have a damaged or extra 98-99 R6 gauge cluster lying around? I would like to either purchase or borrow it (preferably borrow) for about a week. I need it to get a template of the clock "select" and "reset" buttons design so I can make carbon covers for that model.

I thought that the 98-01 R6 design were all the same but it was brought to my attention that the 98-99 is different from the 01-02 design. I have the 01-02 design but need the 98-99.

If anyone has one please let me know. We can work out a deal when I borrow it for a week, pay for shipping to ship it to me and return it back to you when I'm finished, and also I will include a free carbon fiber gauge cover for helping me out.

I'm not trying to rip people off and get a free gauge cluster. As other members on here know, I make carbon covers. the gauge clusters are useless to me once I get the design from them so there is no point in keeping them and have them gather dust. I'm actually trying to get rid of the 50+ triple clamps and 20+ gauge clusters of various models I have lying around my shop...

If there is someone that could help me I would really appreciate it!
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