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Well this sucks...Rider Down

Fellow Colorado Riders,

It's been a rough week, last friday I was clipped by a car on Academy & Woodmen, heading southbound on Academy Blvd just past the Woodmen Bridge....both myself and my bike have seen better days.

I was fortunate and somehow managed to come away mostly unscathed, Nothing got messed up except my Right leg which i somehow managed not to break despite looking like it was...

I'll hopefully be back up on my feet in another week or two..

But here's some carnage pics for you guys..



Windshield - Destroyed
Brake Lever - Destroyed
Handle Bars - Bent
Front Fork Bolt - Damaged
Plastics - Destroys
Exhaust - Damaged
Frame Slider - Destroyed
Bar end - Destroyed
Headlight - Damaged
Brake side rear set - Damaged
Foot peg - Destroyed
Right leg - Damaged.

Here we are 1 week after.


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Could be worse. A friend of mine lost her life a week ago because a car turned in front of her. You were lucky.

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My Knee would face straight, and my foot would face 30* right...

I know I got very lucky, I recently lost a friend who lost his life from his injuries from his accident.

RIP Carl Edmondson - 25yrs old.
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