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What a day ....

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Had the best riding today, mostly doing work (I own a couple of businesses here - one is interior design) - decided to use the R6 today since I was tight for time and had a long trip (save on gas - well doesn't really with my Audi - it's about the same, but that's one of my excuses so ...) and most of all - to enjoy my day.

Well, it could have been worse, but I was hoping for better.

Took street curves like never before, control was smooth, worked on my shifting, both up and down, but today felt like I couldn't go wrong, almost felt like she only had one gear. Thats how smooth it was. Then on my way back home, rushing so that I could get back so the fiancé and I could go to a movie, about 10km from my city ... nothing. I went from sh!tloads of power at 130kph, do revving but nothing happening. Looked down and in the mirror - no oil trail, strange sound, but no clanking from a broken chain or anything like that. Well, I had enough inertia left to get to a gas station safely, so I did.

Thats when I checked my chain to see that there was 0 tension, I could push it up all the way to the swingarm. I haven't had the chance to open up yet, so I don't know if it's my front sprocket or something far worse. Hoping for the former, obviously.

Just thought I'd share my disappointment - hoping it's the sprocket so I can ride again tomorrow cause I've got another 300km day ahead of me.

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Sorry to hear about the six, glad the tow truck didn't damage it.
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