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What a day ....

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Had the best riding today, mostly doing work (I own a couple of businesses here - one is interior design) - decided to use the R6 today since I was tight for time and had a long trip (save on gas - well doesn't really with my Audi - it's about the same, but that's one of my excuses so ...) and most of all - to enjoy my day.

Well, it could have been worse, but I was hoping for better.

Took street curves like never before, control was smooth, worked on my shifting, both up and down, but today felt like I couldn't go wrong, almost felt like she only had one gear. Thats how smooth it was. Then on my way back home, rushing so that I could get back so the fiancé and I could go to a movie, about 10km from my city ... nothing. I went from sh!tloads of power at 130kph, do revving but nothing happening. Looked down and in the mirror - no oil trail, strange sound, but no clanking from a broken chain or anything like that. Well, I had enough inertia left to get to a gas station safely, so I did.

Thats when I checked my chain to see that there was 0 tension, I could push it up all the way to the swingarm. I haven't had the chance to open up yet, so I don't know if it's my front sprocket or something far worse. Hoping for the former, obviously.

Just thought I'd share my disappointment - hoping it's the sprocket so I can ride again tomorrow cause I've got another 300km day ahead of me.

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Kind of nervous to look to be honest - I've got this feeling ... there's no connection to the back wheel from the engine via the front sprocket, hoping it just jumped the sprocket and I can just grab a new one tomorrow morning, but chances of it being that simple just seems too slim the way my luck has been lately.

Had her embarrassingly and shamefully brought home on her side on the back of a tow truck :( luckily he had some blankets in there that I "bought" from him to lay down - no cosmetic damage - and I came out of it with some smelly blankets.
So here it is - any help would be greatly appreciated cause I've never changed a chain in my life - it's the one part of my bike that I'm least familiar with, I'm still on the stock stuff as you can see. But it seems like something is missing here because I do remember the parts that are supposed to be on the front sprocket and it seems that I've got no lock nut :scared

Anyone know if I'm remembering wrong or should I be thanking my stars for how lucky I got yesterday?

You can see that the sprocket slipped off of the central drive thingy there in the pic, I was going about 130kph when that happened so I'm guessing one or both of those components are at least a little stripped - I'll obviously be replacing the sprocket today for peace of mind, but anyone thing I should replace that central drive thingy??? (no idea what it's called.)


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Ok figured it out - might turn out to be a good day after all - if I can get this done in time to get back on the road this afternoon.

Checked the front sprocket - teeth to the chain are fine - they are in decent condition, no uneven wear or anything out of whack. Teeth on the inside of the sprocket does have engraved line on it where there was some friction between the sprocket and the "central drive" thingy that the sprocket fits on to - but nothing major - seems it came off almost clean.

So I'm off to get a new front sprocket and see if I can find the lock nut and washer. Then I'll take a ride to see if I can find the original nut and washer where I lost power, perhaps I can shine some light on how/why that happened.
Cool, didn't know that - doesn't specify it in the service manual - only has a LT notice for the bolts that go into the drive sprocket cover :(

Anyway, looks like I won't be able to get the nut and washer today cause the yamaha dealer is closed today - private holiday or something I don't know.

Anyone know if I can just use any nut and washer that fit to specs or do I need to get them from yamaha? Washer plate is 33mm so I was thinking about just getting a 33mm washer -- good idea?????
Well - guess I won't be riding today. I'll just wait till the dealership opens tomorrow and pray tonight that they'll have it in stock - otherwise they'll have to order it from germany and in the beginning of summer - to be faced with a 4 week wait for $6 in parts - I'm gonna end up driving to germany cause my patience will wear out by the weekend.
I have one more question - the washer that fits over the sprocket - when buying a front sprocket does the washer come with the sprocket? or do you have to get it from yamaha when replacing it?

Just trying to think of what my options are for finding that washer incase the dealer says they have to order out.

Thanks guys for the help.
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