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what do you think?...

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What do you peeps think of the yellow tape? What about the yamaha sticker???
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It definately works. Looks great. Beautiful Six!!!
Thanks, took it from my camera phone. Looks better with my digital, just can't find the cords. By the way, it was a Bxtch! to put it on with out a stand.
To be honest not too crazy about the yamaha sticker, but the blue is tight & so is the rim tape
Thanks Miticale, I had a few co-workers not liking the sticker. Might just take it off and do another.
sorry but same here on the sticker - nah...

i think the new R6 and its sharp lines ask for sharp stickers, if any (my bike is practically stickerless)

good job on colors and tape
Rims look great! I don't dig either of the stickers though. I agree with GEORGERE
The six deserves a sharp lined sticker! I think the bike is missing some black somewhere on the fairing! btw, The paint looks reallll nice too.
Opinions noted. Thanks guys.
don't really care for the "Yamaha" sticker myself.
not a fan of either dude ...sorry IMO its purple. That sticker has got to go to... it doesnt even flow with the bike lol but thats just my own opinion
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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