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What is wrong with my peg LED lights????

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Whats up guys? I need some help.. I bought some LED lights from Advance Auto parts to put into my passenger pegs. It is a set of 4 with built in resistors.. I hooke them up and they dont do anything.. I have tried with the bike running and with it off and still nothing.. Does anyone know what it might be? Is there something that I am missing ?
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well idk how the autoparts store hsa those LEDs, but they may be wired wrong, did you wire them in series or parallel? also did you splice them in to the stock turn signal wires?
They all come with seperate wiring .. so I spliced all of the negatives together and the same for the positives...then just hooked them up to the stock turn signals wires.
here is a picture of how they come


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Not to hate on a good idea (im doing the same) but 1)how much did u pay for all those single LED's 2) how are you going to hold the LED's in the pegs? 3) I dont think you will have enough room in the back side of the peg to run all those wires, and if so it might be kinda messy.
this is how i did mine. bought the single LED diodes, put them in pc board linked all the diodes together with solder,then soldered on a negative and positive wire with a resister spliced in. A lot less wires/messy.

I used liquid electrical tape to seal up the back of the wires
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They were only $8...so im not to mad about the money.. I tried doing it the same way you did before and I think i *****ed something up cause when i hooked them up one LED started smoking and the others didnt do anything ... so i was trying to take the easy way out!

Have you hooked those yet? what size resistors did u use?
the size resister really depends on the type of LED u use and how many. For the set up i have i'm using a 1W 100 ohm resister. I Haven't got them in the pegs just yet i still half to drill out the holes, but i have hooked them up to a battery and they work very well and are very bright. There is a really good link on here someplace i can pm to u that i followed if you are interested.
yeah def send that to me... where did u get your LED diodes from?
It has to be some sort of wiring problem. Use a multimeter and check your power and ground wires to confirm they have a voltage. It's hard to just say what is wrong without seeing how it is wired up, but that is my guess.
I think I am just going to buy the turn signal intergrated tail lights and be done with it !! thanks for all your help!
If you really want to go the easy way out and your not so worried about coast there is someone on ebay that charges you $65 to send your rear sets to him, he does the whole thing then sends them back to you.
i seen that... i was wondering how good of a job he did.. u gotta be kind of sceptical about some peeps on ebay
Check the leds first on a good 9v battery or you car battery. If they light up then check the fuse on the bike or the turn signal relay might not have the proper load to work.
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