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Here is what I have come up with. Please add your thoughts.

Have them take off the plastics. If they won't, pass on the bike. Look for scrapes under the plastics.

Oil/grease by the chain is normal, but should not be in an excess amount.

Look at the shinny part of the forks. They should be clean and dry. If you see oil on them, the forks might need new seals.

For the chain, look at the teeth on the sprocket. The points should be crisp, not worn. Stock teeth is 16 in front and 48 rear.

Put it on a stand and spin the rear tire. Look at the chain slack to see if there are tight spots. The chain should have around 1.5 to 2 inches of travel up and down at the mid point of the chain.

Look at the adjusters for the rear wheel. Make sure they are even on both sides and not all the way in or out.

Looks for grinding on the swing arm. There should not be any dents in the swing arm, frame, or sub frame.

Check the color of the oil. Is it clean or dirty? Does the seller have any records?

You will be able to tell if the tires are new or worn out. It is easy to spot the wear just like on car tires.

With the bike running, move the hadle bars from lock to lock. Watch for the idle to change. May mean the cable needs to be adjusted.

Check the brake pads. This is done just like on a car. Look at the brake rotors. Are they grooved deeply, or warped?

Pull out the spark plugs and see if they had ever been changed.

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wertman94 said:
Are you buying a new bike or a used bike?
Naw think he is just trying to help out those how might be to shy to ask give them some advise.

look / feel the tank... even on a new bike... I had a spot on my bike when I got it were they must have dropped it or something and they sprayed touch up paint on it over the clear coat...look pretty much the same but feels different ... just make sure you look over new or use bike very carefully/and slow.... your spended good amount of money on it take your time.
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