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06-07 are the same, 08 has styling ques. As for performance, suspension tuning etc SEARCH! The internet is a bottomless toilet of information

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please read... this will help you survive, and make less enemies.

Some common rookie mistakes:

1. Don't start threads about illegal activities.

Beating up people with bats, fighting minors, running from the police to name a few, these threads will not end well for you.​

2. No one cares about your top speed, don't post it.

Everyone on this forum can go 160, you're not special and we don't care.​

3. Arguing with senior members, don't do it.
You're new here and no one likes you, watch what you say.​

4. Noob riders
You're not fast, your skills are weak, and you probably should have started on a 250. Don't brag about 5" power wheelies or the corvette you just beat in a drag race.​

5. Anything regarding suicide, avoid it.
Do not bring this up unless you or someone you know needs help. We don't take it lightly here, it's not a joke.​

6. Asking dumb questions.

Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as a stupid question, use the search to avoid embarrassment.​

7. Wear gear, or don't post about your lack there of.
A picture of you riding in a t-shirt and shorts will result in a flurry of gear Nazi related comments.​

8. Grammar/Spelling
You learned it in grade school, use it. Forum ≠ Fourm​

9. Selling parts?
Contribute to the forum for at least 60 days before you try and sell parts, no one wants to buy from the creepy guy in the trench coat.​

10. Help my bike's ticking!
No it's not a bomb about to explode, it's the Yamaha Tick, an annoying Yamaha trademark on all R6's.​

11. Think before you post.
This forum is composed of angry sarcastic assholes, if you don't know what color power band you have or what a red limiter is, tread lightly.​

Please, don't be the next A-Rab, use some common sense and stay away from underage girls.

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I hate newbs... but I'll answer your question.
The 06 and 07 are basically the same.
The main diffs are between the 07 and 08. The 08 has a stronger compression ratio and it gained like 2 hp.
Yamaha also bragged about it being a lighter bike but look at the figures but in all reality the bike GAINED 11 pounds. Other than that, its just color scheme.

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