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Which Lowering Link?

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Just bought an 08 R6S for my wife. She wants it lowered to feel a little more confident. I'm having a hard time finding the right lowering link. Can anyone tell me which other year and models use the same link?

I know many say its a bad idea; but I'd rather just do it than hear her complain about not being able to touch flat footed.

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hold on... you don't have to buy anything for that bike. I just help my friend lower his 08 R6S. all you have to do is flip the triangle link around. That will lower the bike about 1". I did this about a month ago took about an hr.
Thanks a ton totaleclipse. Might have to find a new bike shop. They said it couldn't be done without a lowering link. (they're just trying to make a buck). I've lowered an 600RR before this should be a piece a cake. Once again thanks a bunch for the info.
no problem, take care. It's so cool that you get you wife to ride with you.
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