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I recently put wayy too much oil in my bike...rookie mistake, i was on the fone while i was pourin the oil and forgot how much i had put in....so white smoke started to come out of my exhaust everytime i gave it some throttle...and every time i got up to about 40mph the smoke would get exessive...so bad i couldnt see the traffic behind me...the bike cut off on me a couple of times and wouldnt start for a few mintues.....any way i ended up changin the oil, oil filter, changin the coolant, and cleanin my air box and changin my air filter....i started my bike and therre was still smoke..i figured it was just excess oil burnin off so i left it running for a while but the smoke was still comming out...any suggestions on what it might be or what i can do??...

.....im gonna take the bike out today and ride it round my neighborhood to see if i can burn the rest of the excess oil that mighta been left behind.
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