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Why did you get a yamaha?

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Hey there everyone just wondering why u picked a yamaha over a Kawi or Honda or Suzuki what did u like about yamaha over the rest?
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Actually, I like the 04-05 Suzuki GSXR600 the best, but I couldn't find one in good shape for a reasonable price. However, since the 08 R6S is virtually an 03 R6, I decided that it would be close enough since it's basically the same vintage.
because its the slowest and i figured i wouldnt kill myself on a slow one.
The price was right..if the dealer I went to would have had the CBR in the frost white color, I'd be on a Honda forum right now...the only knock I had on the CBR is the under-tail exhaust. I'm chubby, and the r-6 is sexy--i need all the help I can get.

So far all u guys only got a yamaha becuase they did not have the bikes u guys wanted lol..
Because i have been riding Yamaha my whole life, well since i was 13 (i rode MX for 6yrs). So i know they are great bikes and when i bought my first street bike the 06 came out and it was so damn sexy i couldnt pass it up.
I got it for the looks and most of all its track stability and thrashability.
I would ave considered the cbr but a; it don't look as good and b: its look really small, im 6'4" and a big guy, the r6 looks small on me so the cbr would have look like a bloody monkey bike (childs bike)

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Cause it was my first choice and i looked til i found just the right one...which happened to be about 400 miles away lol
well thanks for everyones help on this because im looking into getting a 08 r6 now im 5.6 would i be to short for the bike ?
no, youll be fine... witherway, you will love the bike and yourself for getting a yammie...
because i had a first gen (2000) which was the best handling bike i've ever owned and then i found a left over 07 r6s i sat on it and just felt perfectly at home again. :toocool:
no, youll be fine... witherway, you will love the bike and yourself for getting a yammie...

Thanks alot man for ur help.:cheers
Im also 5'6" its a little irritating at times when you have to tip toe a bit. IMO its totally worth it my buddy has a gixxer 600 and ive riden it but I dont like it. Dont get me wrong its a nice bike but its not for me. I love my 6 and wouldnt trade it for the world. I would get the cbr before the gixxer any day of the week.
Definitely go with the r6!

Just one condition

yeah i was talking to someone about that it fu*ks with handling right?
I second that. Do not lower it. It will just ruin the bike. This bike is meant for this riding height due to the best handling bike out. Lowering will just mess up the handling. I am 5'7" and i know sometime tip toe-ing gets annoying.

I was looking into a gixxer at the beginning. However, I looked at a used 06 r6 and fell love with it. I think our r6 is sexy. And i love the yamaha blue. Plus I think gixxer's looks like a toy. I don't like there paint schems. Simple and Clean is my way.
I bought a Yamaha because I've been riding Yamaha snowmobiles since I was 5. When I decided to get a bike a couple months ago I didn't even think about gettting another brand but Yamaha.
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