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I have some questions about full coverage insurance on the R6 and R1. I am wanting to get a bike, but the insurance is so high. I checked into just liabilty and it was not to bad. Depending on the company liabilty was like $400-1000 a year, but full coverage jumped it to like $2,700-7,800. I just don't understand. I here people all the time say they have full coverage from progress or others and it is $1,000 a year for full coverage, but when I talk with the companys they always quote some outrageous price. I have a great driving record. I have no tickets or wrecks. There is this girl I know who just bought a new CBR600RR and she has never riden before. Also she has not even taken the safety class and her full coverage is $800 a year. Like I said I just don't understand. Can someone help me out. If know of a good insurance place, please let me know.

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