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Hi all!
I just bought a used 06 r6 and just installed a fender eliminator kit from competition werkes. Besides the issue of the bolts provided in the kit being too short, the hole they ask you to drill being too small for the wires from the turn signals to be pulled through, and the lack of clarity on how to properly use their clamping butt connectors (ie do you need to splice or not/how do you connect it) installation was simple. But I have an issue. When I cut the connectors from the stock wiring as instructed I found two wires (purple and black) and (green stripe and black) for the turn signals, but attached were two yellow wires spliced into the black wires for each light with nothing attached only black electrical tape at the end. After following instructions my turn signals don't work in the back and my brake light doesn't work.

My questions:
1. What was the yellow wire for?
2. How do I get this bad boy to work again?

I would appreciate any help/insight.

**please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. I have fat fingers and the keyboard on the iPhone is tiny.
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