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Here is my review, i will insert the pictures later on today.

I love how the Wolf Undertail Exhaust looked on Wolf’s website. I especially loved the way the black powdercoated exhaust looked, I thought it looked mean and aggressive, and blended in nicely with the black frame and rims of the R6.

That is why I decided to give the Wolf system a try and go for Wolf’s special offer for an undertail exhaust system at “cost”, pending the purchaser write a review on the install. This is what I expected out of the box:

(1) The system is “Slip on”, so I expect the install to be relatively easy
(2) The system will come with all required hardware for the install.
(3) The system will not require additional modifications on the bike, if modifications are necessary, all required hardware will be provided.

I believe I am an average sportbike rider, with average mechanical skills. Currently I have a Jardine RT-One Slip on on my R6, which installed in about 20 minutes. I expect the Wolf installation to take a little longer, but by not much. I also expect the Wolf system to be much louder than my jardine.

Package Arrival:
The package arrived fairly quickly from Wolf, I waited about a week or so, since it had to be powdercoated before it was shipped from Europe. The box looked beaten and battered on my doorstep, I didn’t worry too much because it was just “metal” inside, nothing too fragile I would imagine (picture).

I opened the box up and pulled out a piece of paper lying on top of bunch of cardboard, it basically was a warning notice to “Cure the paint at 450 degrees for 30 minutes”. What! I still have to sure the paint??? I continue reading and it explains how running the bike for 30 minutes should be enough the cure the paint properly, and to be VERY careful with the install as to not chip the paint.

HOLY CRAP, this made me nervous, I thought powdercoat was supposed to be durable, why hasn’t the paint been cured at the factory??? Why should I have to worry about this??? This upset me, but it did say it should be fine after 30 minutes of riding. We will just have to see what happens when I install it.

so I take the parts out of the box for the first time. Here are the pics of everything straight out of the box:

Wolf mentions that the kit comes with all necessary brackets to mount the license plate and turn signals. The instructions did mention something about this, but it wasn’t very clear on exactly how to accomplish this. And from what I can tell, there was no reasonable way to mount the stock turn signals.

Notice how the paint is chipped in placed on the mid-pipe, and how the powdercoat is CRAP. It’s dull and uneven and chipped. It’s nothing like the one I saw on Wolf’s website: [pics]

I could have done a better job with spray paint!!! The instructions contain no pictures what so ever. And the biggest thing I notice right away: THE MID-PIPE HAS NO SLITS.

What this means is that when I “Slip” the mid-pipe onto my header pipe, there is no room for the pipe to “give” and slip on easily, also, how are you suppose to clamp on a solid pipe??? It would do absolutely nothing but distort the shape of the pipe. I am really pissed about this, and I can tell right there that this install was not going to be easy. Is this a design flaw??? WTF. however, the silencer did have slits for installing onto the mid pipe. So Wolf apparently knows what slits are for. Just didn’t think of putting it on the mid-pipe I guess… very sad.

Ok, so that aside I move on. I take off my Jardine pipe, which took about 2 minutes to do. I wrapped the wolf mid pipe in some towels, per paint care instructions, and fitted the pipe onto the bike. It was easy to figure out the orientation and how to place the pipes onto the bike. But once I started to shove the mid-pipe onto the header, it was not going in easy. The wolf mid-pipe goes in about a half inch (this is with me wrenching it back and forth) before it is almost impossible to get in any further. My Jardine just slips right on, no problem at all.

Ok, I’m starting to get pissed off. Anyway, I move on yet still. The instructions explain that I have to install “Heat shielding” underneatch my tail section to protect the plastics from the hot pipes. This “heat shielding” looks like some padded foil sticker or something… I don’t know if it will work, I’ve never had to use heat shielding before. So I cut out some heat shielding and stick in underneath my tail

ok so my bike is heat prepped and good to go. I try and install the mid pipe again, this time exerting more muscle and sweat… it goes in a little further, but I still think a good 2 cm’s would do the trick. I quit doing this for now and move on to the silencer.

The silencer went on A LOT easier (hence the slits). But the mounting holes were not lining up with the holes on the bike. I still needed about another 1.5cm. the only way I could have gotten this much room is by pushing the mid pipe on more, but it was not budging at all!!! I tried for about 30 more minutes, then I gave up. I also notice that the mid pipe is SITTING on the rear brake line… NOT GOOD. This will easily melt that rubber and there goes my rear brake. The installation guide did mention something about this towards the end, recommending I get some steel brake lines and relocate it along the lower swing arm to avoid any heat issues!!! How come I was not informed of this from the beginning??? And no where on wolf’s site mentions this either! And another thing… if I’m taking a turn real hard, will the hugger tough the pipes??? It doesn’t look like there is much room in there at all.

I’ve reached an end point here, I can’t take this anymore. From the time I took the parts out of box, to this point, was about 1.5 hours. And I didn’t even finish!!!

The mid-pipe looks like it is in far enough though to turn the bike on so I can AT LEAST here how it sounds… here is a clip:

sorry it isn’t that long, my girlfriend cut it short… I didn’t even bother taking another clip I was so pissed off anyway.

During the install I did manage to damage the powdercoat a little bit, but it’s not like the paint was perfect in the first place.

I had to go riding then, I was so anxious to get these pipes on too. So I just pulled the wolf pipes off, and slipped on my jardine again… which took about 5 minutes to do!!!

Now I have these expensive set of pipes sitting on my garage floor, and I don’t know what to do with them. Wolf if you are reading this, I want a refund, or I demand you get these painted properly, put some damn slits on the mid-pipe, and provide a set of steel brake lines.

None of my expectations were met from this system. And from the hard earned money I spent on these pipes, I am even that much more disappointed. I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way, I don’t see how I am not, if everyone else got the same set of pipes I got.

Anyway, hopefully this will help Wolf make a better product. And hopefully I can make some use out of the chunks of metal sitting on my garage floor. Anyone want to buy a Wolf Undertail???
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