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Yep, still waiting myself - we had one or two queries on how things fitted but everyone else seems to have fitted and used for several weeks now and not said anything here...


We're actually deleting this product from the range at the end of the year along with most of the other underseats ( so many new bikes come with them and we have to work on the new Triumphs and ZX6R that we just don't have time to make for older models) so we only have 2 left now and the reviews really wont make that much difference to us - so all in all probably a waste of everyone's time but at least several people got great deals...

JUst FYI - we have 2 R1 02/03 kits left, 2 CBR954, 2 CBR929, 4 R1 00/01 and 2 Sprint ST - after these have gone they will never return as we are flat out on Triumph models and have the new Speed Triple and St to jig up for and the ZX6R which will be the toughest exhaust we've ever had to make...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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